In the second part of TIMBERSPORTS® Nordic Cup 2023, held on July 21-22, records were set at a rapid pace.

TIMBERSPORTS® Nordic Cup 2023 continues - New Records in second part

In the second part of TIMBERSPORTS® Nordic Cup 2023, held on July 21-22, records were set at a rapid pace. In front of a large audience in Malung, Sweden, a total of eight Nordic records were broken, distributed among the four different competition classes. Swedish athletes secured victory in three out of the four competition classes, while Denmark's Felixia Banck claimed gold in the fourth.

Over the weekend, the extreme sport TIMBERSPORTS® visited Malung, Sweden, as the part of the Nordic Cup 2023 coincided with the popular dance band week. Athletes from all over the Nordic region were present to earn new points in the various competition classes. The weekend of competition saw numerous personal and Nordic records being achieved by the athletes. Ferry Svan secured gold in the Pro class, Edvin Karlsson triumphed in the Rookie class, Emil Svensson won the Intermediate class, and Denmark's Felixia Banck emerged victorious in the Women's class. Felixia Banck also retained her gold from the previous part of Nordic Cup, a title she managed to defend during the weekend's competitions. Moreover, she secured two Nordic records in her competition class, in the events Single Buck (16.55 seconds) and Underhand Chop (51.12 seconds).

– I had a really good day, and overall, I am very satisfied with my performance. Stock Saw didn't go as well as I hoped, but on the other hand, Single Buck and Underhand Chop went excellently. I've put so much work into it, so achieving a time under 17 seconds is fantastic, says Felixia Banck, continuing:
– Leading up to the Nordic Championships, there will be a lot of sawing and chopping in my backyard. I see an opportunity to win the title, but in TIMBERSPORTS®, anything can happen.

Sweden's Ferry Svan also set two Nordic records. It was in the events Springboard (41.69 seconds) and Hot Saw (5.50 seconds) that Ferry sharpened the records, which ultimately led him to first place at the end of the competition day.

– I had a good and confident feeling before the competition, and being able to start the competition with a Nordic record in Springboard confirmed that feeling. Well, maybe Underhand Chop and Standing Block Chop didn't produce record times, but that was compensated by my remaining times. And of course, I'm very pleased that I managed to break the Nordic record in Hot Saw, says Ferry Svan, continuing:
– Heading into the Nordic Championships and the format we compete in, I feel stable. I sense that I've progressed a lot during this year compared to the last. It's a nice feeling to enter a Nordic championship and feel that you've evolved.

Now, the athletes continue to accumulate points in the next two parts, and the cup winners will be determined after all the parts are completed. The next part of the competition will be held in Orsa, Sweden, and the final part of the Nordic Cup will take place in Svenljunga at the end of September. The highlight of the Nordic TIMBERSPORTS® season, the Nordic Championships 2023, will be held in Elverum, Norway, from August 11-13. The TIMBERSPORTS® World Championship is scheduled for November 3-4 in Stuttgart.

Here's the schedule for Nordic Cup 2023:
The first part of the Nordic Cup will take place in Falun from May 26-28.
The Nordic Cup continues with the second part in Malung on July 21-22.
The third part of the Nordic Cup will be held in Orsa from August 5-6.
The fourth and final part of the Nordic Cup will take place in Svenljunga on September 23-24.

Complete results from the second part of Nordic Cup 2023 can be found here.