The Nordic TIMBERSPORTS® athletes are ready to take on the world’s best at the 2023 World Championship in Stuttgart.

the Nordic national teams are ready for the TIMBERSPORTS® World Championship 2023 – an exciting show awaits in Germany

The World Championship in the extreme sport of TIMBERSPORTS® will take place at the Porsche-Arena in Stuttgart on 3 and 4 November and is expected to draw a large crowd of enthusiastic spectators. The Swedish and Norwegian national teams are both in excellent form and are aiming to present a tough challenge to the world’s best timbersports athletes. Emil Hansson, the youngest athlete at the tournament, will be representing Sweden and the Nordic countries again in the individual competition on the Saturday.

A long and exciting TIMBERSPORTS® season will culminate in the first weekend of November when 120 athletes from more than 20 nations gather at the Porsche-Arena in Stuttgart to compete for the title of World Champion. After claiming sixth place in 2022 at a historic World Championship on home ground, Sweden’s professional athletes Ferry Svan, Calle Svadling, Emil Hansson, Pontus Skye and Edvin Karlsson have their sights set on being the best European team.

– The team is undoubtedly keen for revenge. Our performance at last year’s World Championship was fine, but we want and are able to do better. Our best team time is just over one minute. We could be the best European team if we can get it to under a minute, and we know that we’re capable of that, says Ferry Svan.

Norwegians set for battle
In the Team World Championship, the national teams each comprise four athletes who face each other in elimination rounds in the Stock Saw, Underhand Chop, Single Buck and Standing Block Chop disciplines. The athletes compete in one discipline each in a relay. The event brings together the top athletes in this extreme sport from around the world, including the major nations Canada, New Zealand, the USA and Australia, the current World Championship title holder. Norway performed well in the qualifying time trial at last year’s World Championship in Gothenburg, Sweden, but was defeated in the first round by Switzerland. The Norwegian team finished in 15th place out of 20. So far this season, the Norwegian team has proved to be in excellent shape and is aiming for a better finish position.

– The Norwegian national team is even stronger this year than last. The new records set during the season clearly demonstrate this and I think that we ought to finish as one of the top ten nations at the World Championship, says the Norwegian team captain Ole Ivar Lierhagen.

Talent represents the Nordics for the second consecutive year
The Individual World Championship takes place on Saturday 4 November. The world’s top twelve TIMBERSPORTS® athletes will be doing battle for the Championship title, which also includes the Springboard and Hot Saw disciplines. Sweden will be represented by 22-year-old Emil Hansson from Mora for the second consecutive year. Hansson has had an impressive season, winning gold medals at the European Nations Cup and the Nordic Championship, and is the youngest athlete in the competition.

– It will be exciting to get back on the stage and represent Sweden at the World Championship. After my debut last year on home ground, I feel more relaxed, says Emil Hansson.

The Danish team, which made a comeback in the 2022 World Championship, has also been in great shape throughout the 2023 season. Unfortunately, Denmark is unable to compete at the 2023 World Championship because there are not enough qualified athletes in its team.

Competition schedule:
Team World Championship, Friday 3 November: The competition starts at 7:00 pm. Follow live coverage of the Championship here.
Individual World Championship, Saturday 4 November: The competition starts at 7:00 pm. Follow live coverage of the Championship here.